What is to bee seen here?

That is to much to mention here, but we will give you a small impression. Fot a complete. For a complete overview you can download the complete tourist guide of Visit Sogn  here .

For more information about the area see .visit Sogn.

The Sognefjord

The Sognefjord is the largest (and most beautiful) Norwegian fjord and reaches 240km inland. Parts of it feature on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The mountain peaks lining of the fjord are in many places more than 1000 meters high and the water is over 1000 meters deep. The average daytime temperature in winter is roughly 0 degrees Celsius, and in the summer 20 degrees. Because of the warm gulfstream the average temperature is higher than in other areas on the same lattitude, and the harbours never freeze. Many types of fruits and berries grow on the borders of the fjord. Raspberries are the most common but there are also plenty of plum, apple and pear orchards.


Vik and Stølsheimen.

Vik commune with its beautiful stave church and medieval stone church is situated on the fjord. Feios, the village where we settled down, is part of the Vik commune. Feios has 250 inhabitants. The buildings of the village extend upwards from the fjord through the valley into the mountainside. There’s relatively little flat land and due to that the farms are small scaled. Feios is a perfect starting point for “fjell” hiking and horse trips for one or more days. “Fjell” is the Norwegian word for mountain but contains more than the English concept mountain. It describes the whole area above the tree zone, shaped by the glaciers and populated by wildlife. Our fjell is called Stølsheimen, a beautiful area with lower mountains, friendly valleys, small rivers and waterfalls. The area features in hiking guides and is often called the “mini Hardangervidda”. The name Stølsheimen is taken from the many mountain grazing areas (støls) that farmers traditionally hiked to as the snow melted in the spring. They would stay in mountain cottages whilst the animals grazed the fresh grass. The pastureland around the farm could then be used as winter food. Some of the old cottages are now restored and are used as sleeping places for hikers. Our farm can also be the starting point for a hiking trip to the Fresvikbreen (glacier).


Across the fjord.

Across the fjord you can find the Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier of the European main continent, and lots more. See further Activities .


In More pictures you can see more of the suroundings.