May we introduce ourselves…

We are Laurien Geerse and Guus Morel, we emigrated from Holland to Norway in 2004. In Holland we dreamed of a farm where both people, animals and plants thrive. An agricultural enterprise where guests are very welcome.

In Feios we started a small-scale organic farm in combination with rural tourism and farmfood production.

Our farm is a part of the neighbourhood called Helland. We called our farm Almgard after the gigantic elmtrees which are to be found here. The farm is situated in the centre of the valley, and looks out over the Sognefjord with the back against the woods and the mountains. Since 2008 we are an organic farm and  are of course superviced by the authorities on that part.

The main products on our farm are icecream, dutch Gouda cheese and honey. We also have three accomodations to spend your holiday on the farm or a campervan to expore the surroundings. You are very welcome to visit the farm.


Visit our organic farm near the Sognefjord for a fantastic holiday in Norway. Enjoy the litle farm with cows, horses, chickens and vegetable and fruit gardens.

The surroundings of Almgard offer endless possibilities for a lovely holliday.



On the farm and in the direct surroundings is a lot to see and undertake.



Almgard is a small-scale organic farm with an icecream-factory and cheese production