Activities in the surroundings and on the farm.


From our farm you can start various hiking trips of different difficulty levels with beautiful views as a reward. Hiking guides are available from the farm.


There’s lots of fish in the fjord, the river and the mountain lakes. In Vik you can get a licence for salmon fishing. In the Feios river you can also catch salmon.



You can take a refreshing swim in the clear water of the fjord or in the mountain lakes during the summer months.

Working on the farm.

There are many things to do in every season. For example making hay in the traditional way using hes, berry picking, cheese and icecream making, landscaping, working in the vegetable garden, brushing the horses etc. etc..

Horse riding.

Horse riding on our two “Lyngs hester” from the ancient Viking breed.

Either a short walk or a tour for more days.

By mail boat to Ortnevik.

Three times a week there is mail boat to Ortnevik to deliver mail and provide goods to the farms there which are only accessible by water. The boat takes passengers as well who can travel one way to Ortnevik. Return tours are only possible on Fridays.

By express boat to Bergen.

The express boat sails daily from Vik to Bergen. This beautiful boat trip takes three and a half hours one way and gives opportunity for shopping and strolling in Bergen for five hours.

Glacier trip.

Across the fjord lies the Jostedalsglacier, the largest glacier in Europe. Only 10 minutes driving from Feios you can find a ferry which leads you to Fjærland, a village with many second hand bookshops (The Norwegian Book Town). From there you can take the bus to the glacier museum and to the glacier itself. On your way to Fjærland you can get off the boat and visit Balestrand with its beautiful Kviknes Hotel were you can enjoy a meal or the magnificent view over the Sognefjord.

Another part of the glacier, the Nigardsglacier is also worth a visit. There is a strenuous scramble for the adventurous or boat can transport you directly. It is possible to make a short guided expedition on the glacier with safety ropes, helmet climbing irons and pickaxe.

A small detour by ferry takes you to the wonderful stave church of Urnes.

In Voss you can visit the climbing park where you can climb across the tree tops. Exciting for both adults and children.

Get known woth the bees.

Guus likes to tell you more and introduce you to a beehive.

Please ask Guus and Laurien at the farm for further details of all these activities and more. All trips can be arranged in advance or after your arrival.