May we introduce ourselves.....

We are Laurien Geerse and Guus Morel, we emigrated from Holland to Norway in 2004.


Guus has a Bachelor’s degree in forestry and nature conservation and has studied biologic dynamic agriculture. In the Netherlands he worked for the province of Noord Brabant with landscape conservation and subsidy policy for farmers. In his spare time he worked as a beekeeper and in landscape maintenance. Guus is mainly responsible for the agriculture, the cattle, cheesemaking, beekeeping and the markets.


Laurien is a qualified nurse and has a Bachelor’s degree in social psychiatric nursery. The last ten years in the Netherlands she worked as a psychiatric homecare nurse. Laurien is mainly responsible for  the ice cream, the vegetable garden and the guests on the farm.

In Holland we dreamed of a farm where both people, animals and plants thrive. An agricultural enterprise where guests are very welcome.

It was not possible to realise this dream in Holland. We started thinking about possible emigration after a holiday in Norway in 2003. Arriving home it took more than a week before we got used to the hustle and bustle in Holland after the peace, space and quietness of the north.

In January 2004 we had our first meetings in Norway about our plans for an organic farm. We were particularly well received in Vik and chose to settle here. Setting up was not an easy business, we had a lot to learn and even more to do. After our daunting initial struggle we have got the hang of most tasks and are still learning more each day. We feel at home and happy here and we realize that we made a great decision by emigrating and following our dream. The icecream is received well in Norway and in 2017 we built a bigger production building  at the farm. The old icecreamproductionroom we use for cheese making today.